About Us  

I have always believed a recruiter’s work is of great responsibility and impact.  Our ability to do our job well is critical to the success of all people involved. 

Most traditional search firms still think great recruitment is a quotient. A process. A science. But, in reality, is not about how many calls were made, what type of graphs are presented, or how many resumes were shuffled.  It is an art. It is a dynamic blend of seeking out relationships, connections, and motivations, with an empathetic and authentic ear. It is about knowing who you serve. Understanding the missions, and asking the right questions. It is about transparency and communication. It is about reading BETWEEN the lines, and NOT just the lines on a resume.  It is not about checking boxes and critiquing bullet points.  

Out of this intention, passion, and purpose, Flashlight Partners was born. To disrupt traditional practices. To remove transaction and insert collaboration. I strive to help others achieve success. Whether that is a candidate, who wants to find a career that challenges and inspires them, or a client looking to build outstanding teams. I love what I do and would be honored to partner. Let’s stop looking and start hiring.


Thank you for all your help. You truly made this an enjoyable process.
— SVP of National Senior Care Corporation


We are honored to work with clients and candidates globally but are proud to call Indiana home. 

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