Thinking Different

In 1997 a talented team, under the request of Steve Jobs, created the slogan of "Think Different." They needed to do something bigger and bolder. The campaign was an enormous success and marked Apple's re-emergence as a powerhouse. "Think Different" started as an advertising campaign but became the theme and high standard for Apple.

Apple, Tesla, and Amazon are innovative companies that we follow and admire. They all set themselves apart by doing things differently.  Their difference and competitive edge started small, but garnered attention, and grew like wildfire. Consumers realized what they had been settling for, and fell in love with the alternatives provided by these companies.   

Flashlight Partners also believes that change starts small. Recruiting is an industry with a long history that boomed during WWII. It was a necessary service to compensate for excess vacancies due to the war. The industry continued to grow, throughout the decades, as the job market became more competitive and diversified. Consequently, the role of mainstream search firms has become large and impersonal. Both reactive and transactional. Void of human element. Void of real value. Void of long-term and sustainable results.

We want to change that, and we believe we can. We too, want to "Think Different."  

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In The News: Flashlight Partners Featured In Current in Carmel

Flashlight Partners executive search firm opens in Carmel

By Chris Bavender

After spending 20 years on both sides of the recruiting process, Laura Latham was unsatisfied with an industry “behind the times.”

Laura Latham, CEO/Founder

Laura Latham, CEO/Founder

“Anyone who fills a job can call themselves a recruiter. That is the reality in talent acquisition and why so many candidates and companies have become frustrated, cynical or have settled for mediocrity,” Latham said. “Talent acquisition can be boiled down into a sea of statistics and metrics. By doing so, search firms, and even many internal recruitment teams, have removed the human element.”

To give companies another option, Latham launched Flashlight Partners in Carmel in February.

“I believe that one should live intentionally and not vicariously. For me, being intentional meant starting a company where values and relationships mattered more than business transactions,” she said. “Our mission is to disrupt the traditional search space by becoming your partner in the pursuit of success.”

With every placement, the company donates 1 percent of the placement fee to a nonprofit or community organization of the client’s choice.

“What better way to personally connect with our clients than letting them select a charity or community organization to support with money already being spent to benefit their business,” Latham said. “Through these connections and donations, Flashlight has been able to make a difference in lives throughout the country and our communities, meet outstanding people and provide mentorship opportunities for those who someday hope to join the business world and find their own calling.”

For more than two decades, Latham worked on both coasts, Florida and the Midwest. She chose Carmel for Flashlight Partners because of its “innovation, opportunity and outstanding family resources.”

“While I am passionate about what I do, my family is first,” she said. “Carmel affords professionals the opportunity to create a successful business while providing numerous accessible resources for families.”

Flashlight Partners has three staff members, including Katie Browning, a Carmel Clay Schools board of trustees member, who is director of marketing and business affairs.

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Community Partner Spotlight: Constructing Our Future

Constructing Our Future is a community revitalization program dedicated to providing education, housing, and employment to post-incarcerated women in Marion County, Indiana while also mitigating Indianapolis' abandoned home problem. 

The Constructing Our Future program is a pathway for current and formerly incarcerated women to be re-integrated into society with the basic skills to build, repair, and revitalize abandoned homes and neighborhoods. The program is designed to address several main issues: employment and housing insecurity after leaving prison, recidivism, and urban renewal.

With this program, participants who are released from the Indianapolis Women's Prison are prepared to be independent, law-abiding citizens who give back to the community, one woman, one house, one neighborhood at a time.

Laura Latham, CEO of Flashlight Partners, is proud to be a Constructing our Future Partner. She meets with inmates to talk about employment requirements, resume assistance and regulations/policies that could affect their ability to attain work after they are released. 

Constructing our Future Partners are experts in real estate, trades, HR,  government, and other special programs. They give incarcerated women the support they need to reenter society, reduce recidivism, and provide resources. These programs help to promote positive influence and direction for the inmates, all improving their quality of life upon release, mending relationships, and developing success.

By working with Constructing Our Future, we begin to promote a society that helps to minimize stigma, eliminate policies that perpetuate repeat offenders and increase the ability for women and their families to thrive after incarceration. 

More information on Constructing Our Future can be found here:


At a recent event "A Night of Inspiration," Laura and her husband, Josh Latham (another Constructing Our Future Partner from Remax Advanced/Indy Pro Teams) met Michelle a former IWP inmate. Michelle served 20 years at IWP and now, in part to her participation in Constructing Our Future, is attending NYU for her Ph.D. in public policy.

At a recent event "A Night of Inspiration," Laura and her husband, Josh Latham (another Constructing Our Future Partner from Remax Advanced/Indy Pro Teams) met Michelle a former IWP inmate. Michelle served 20 years at IWP and now, in part to her participation in Constructing Our Future, is attending NYU for her Ph.D. in public policy.

Our Passion is People and Our Purpose Is Their Success

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I have always told my children to live intentionally, and not vicariously.  I launched Flashlight to be intentional about my passions, and help others achieve success.  This could be a candidate who wants to find a career that is challenging and inspiring, or a client partner looking to build outstanding teams.

Teams where intrinsic values and motivations clearly align with professional missions and aspirations.  Where personality and culture fit can often trump skills.  The leaders in the best organizations know this, and often talk about it.  But, the traditional search industry has never quite caught on.  If leaders want to stop looking, and focus on building their business, they need to be able to start hiring those uniquely matched with their organizational values, missions and culture.

Out of this intention, passion and purpose Flashlight Partners was born. I sought to disrupt the traditional search space, and to become a true partner in pursuit of excellence.  To remove transaction and insert collaboration.  To offer tailored and customized solutions that provide personalized attention, proven results and include timely communication and open dialogue.  

Flashlight leverages over 20 years of executive experience in human resources, recruitment, strategic planning and team building as well as a successful track record of placing thousands of talented professionals globally.  We have worked with global enterprise, mid-size, government, family owned, and fast-growth start-ups partners.  We are relentless in our pursuit on behalf of our partners.  Our purpose is to create success with people and for people.  We live our values, and we don’t cut corners.

I’ve always believed a recruiter’s work is of great responsibility and impact.  Our ability to do our job well is critical to the success of all people involved.  If a recruiter does their job poorly, the impact can be costly.  Most traditional search firms still think it’s a quotient.  A process. A science.  But, in reality, is not about how many calls were made, what type of graphs are presented, or how many resumes were shuffled.  It is really more of an art. It is a dynamic blend of seeking out relationships, connections, and motivations, with an empathetic and authentic ear. It is about knowing who you serve. Understanding the missions, and asking the right questions. It is about transparency, and communication. It is about reading BETWEEN the lines, and NOT just the lines on a resume.  It is not about checking boxes, and critiquing bullet points.   

I love what I do, but when I’m not working with our extraordinary partners, you can find me cooking up a storm, enjoying time with my amazing husband and four rambunctious kiddos, reading anything I can get my hands on, or volunteering for those less fortunate.

I greatly appreciate your shared commitment to building the best teams, and the pursuit of intentional excellence. Flashlight Partners, and I, would be honored to partner with you.