Our Passion is People and Our Purpose Is Their Success

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I have always told my children to live intentionally, and not vicariously.  I launched Flashlight to be intentional about my passions, and help others achieve success.  This could be a candidate who wants to find a career that is challenging and inspiring, or a client partner looking to build outstanding teams.

Teams where intrinsic values and motivations clearly align with professional missions and aspirations.  Where personality and culture fit can often trump skills.  The leaders in the best organizations know this, and often talk about it.  But, the traditional search industry has never quite caught on.  If leaders want to stop looking, and focus on building their business, they need to be able to start hiring those uniquely matched with their organizational values, missions and culture.

Out of this intention, passion and purpose Flashlight Partners was born. I sought to disrupt the traditional search space, and to become a true partner in pursuit of excellence.  To remove transaction and insert collaboration.  To offer tailored and customized solutions that provide personalized attention, proven results and include timely communication and open dialogue.  

Flashlight leverages over 20 years of executive experience in human resources, recruitment, strategic planning and team building as well as a successful track record of placing thousands of talented professionals globally.  We have worked with global enterprise, mid-size, government, family owned, and fast-growth start-ups partners.  We are relentless in our pursuit on behalf of our partners.  Our purpose is to create success with people and for people.  We live our values, and we don’t cut corners.

I’ve always believed a recruiter’s work is of great responsibility and impact.  Our ability to do our job well is critical to the success of all people involved.  If a recruiter does their job poorly, the impact can be costly.  Most traditional search firms still think it’s a quotient.  A process. A science.  But, in reality, is not about how many calls were made, what type of graphs are presented, or how many resumes were shuffled.  It is really more of an art. It is a dynamic blend of seeking out relationships, connections, and motivations, with an empathetic and authentic ear. It is about knowing who you serve. Understanding the missions, and asking the right questions. It is about transparency, and communication. It is about reading BETWEEN the lines, and NOT just the lines on a resume.  It is not about checking boxes, and critiquing bullet points.   

I love what I do, but when I’m not working with our extraordinary partners, you can find me cooking up a storm, enjoying time with my amazing husband and four rambunctious kiddos, reading anything I can get my hands on, or volunteering for those less fortunate.

I greatly appreciate your shared commitment to building the best teams, and the pursuit of intentional excellence. Flashlight Partners, and I, would be honored to partner with you.