Thinking Different

In 1997 a talented team, under the request of Steve Jobs, created the slogan of "Think Different." They needed to do something bigger and bolder. The campaign was an enormous success and marked Apple's re-emergence as a powerhouse. "Think Different" started as an advertising campaign but became the theme and high standard for Apple.

Apple, Tesla, and Amazon are innovative companies that we follow and admire. They all set themselves apart by doing things differently.  Their difference and competitive edge started small, but garnered attention, and grew like wildfire. Consumers realized what they had been settling for, and fell in love with the alternatives provided by these companies.   

Flashlight Partners also believes that change starts small. Recruiting is an industry with a long history that boomed during WWII. It was a necessary service to compensate for excess vacancies due to the war. The industry continued to grow, throughout the decades, as the job market became more competitive and diversified. Consequently, the role of mainstream search firms has become large and impersonal. Both reactive and transactional. Void of human element. Void of real value. Void of long-term and sustainable results.

We want to change that, and we believe we can. We too, want to "Think Different."  

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