Laura Latham
Founder, CEO

Laura walked off the stage of the University of Cincinnati with her English degree in hand and dreams of a NYC publishing career. Shortly after landing in the Big Apple in an effort to further afford her midtown rent, she paid a visit to a boutique search firm. She fell in love, found her true calling, and realized her dreams of working alongside some of the country's best and brightest. Over the next two decades, Laura worked all over the country, partnering with a variety of clients, placing thousands of talented professionals and strategically improving corporate results. While she may have accidentally stumbled into the industry, she is indeed made for it!

Laura has over twenty years of diverse industry experience in corporate, consulting, and agency environments. When she is not being our fearless leader, boy mom, or making us look bad with her delicious Vegan cooking, she is making our clients' wishlists come true.


Katie Browning
Director of Marketing
& Business Affairs

If Katie could be a fictional character, it would have to be Leslie Knope from Parks & Recreation. She is a firm believer that binders and breakfast are never a bad idea. Katie has a BA from Brigham Young University, two little Texans, and a husband who goes along with most of her crazy ideas. Between scheduling Twitter posts and her ninja organizational skills, Katie serves on her local Board of Education. Not only is she the one who knows all the passwords, she's an elected public official.  


Laura Hankins
Talent Consultant

A "Windy City" native, Laura² as we call her, moved south to attend Butler University in Indianapolis. We try and not take offense when she says that Benson is her favorite coworker even if he is an adorable Golden Retriever. She loves warm beach vacations and is always up for adventures that would make her life insurance premiums go up. Laura² is an incredible career matchmaker, and while we may not be her favorite co-worker, she is ours!